Becoming a Bartender in Dublin

Some tourists think that working as bartender while discovering Ireland is a good way to earn money, get to know the locals, and develop a familiarity in Dublin. Although some of those things can be true, finding an actual legal job in a bar in Dublin is not as easy as you think. While Dublin is popular for its many pubs, as of 2010, any vacant job openings go to unemployed Ireland locals and citizens since they are experiencing a 14% unemployment rate; this is according to the report made by the Associated Press.

Becoming a Bartender in Dublin

Steps in Becoming a Bartender in Dublin

  • Determine whether or not bartending is for you. It is important to note that this job involves working long hours which end late at night or early in the morning, and can be a strenuous job because it requires you to be standing on your feet for the whole shift. Some of the important requirements a bartender must have is possession of good interpersonal skills and the skill of calmly and courteously dealing with drunken people that behave aggressively towards you or other customers.
  • Before you go to Ireland, it is essential for you to gain as much bartending experience as possible. Because they prioritize employing Irish citizens, it is very important for you have an impressive resume and credentials in order for you to be able to compete in the market. Aside from that, gain as much experience in a particular field in bartending; for example, bartending in a night club which involves learning how to make cocktails and working fast in order to serve as much customers in just a short period of time as possible.
  • You should consider getting a bartending course. Schools that offer bartending courses develop students by teaching them how various liquors are made, as well as the differences between various types of drinks. It is vital that you will learn how to identify the ingredients of a cocktail by just tasting it; this is why, you should also try every alcohol in the market. Aside from that, you will also be able to learn how to describe the drinks accurately to customers and how to pair them best with food. Note also that some schools may help you get jobs in another country or city; inquire about them and learn the process.
  • Prepare your resume. It is important that you should make your resume look neat and highlight the skills vital to bartending; such as interpersonal skills. Reflect all your bartending experiences, certificates or licenses in bartending on your resume, as well as at least 3 character references with their contact details.
  • Get in touch with the bars in Dublin and talk to their managers in order for you to know what they are looking for in bartenders; note that you can also see job postings with specific requirements over the web. It is vital that you let the managers know why you believe you would be a good match to their pub and tell them what made you apply for the job. Hand in your resume with the manager and thank them for their time.
  • Get a working permit from Ireland as soon as you have found a job. Note that working permits are required before you start any job in Dublin and Irish regulations would require you to obtain a job first before any permits are issued. Also remember that in order for you to obtain a permit, you should earn at least 30,000 euros annually and agree to be with the same employer for at least a year. Thus, this would only mean that you should look for employers who are willing to give you a full-time position.

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