How to Make Connections in Dublin if you are a Tourist

Whether you are planning to travel and explore Dublin or you are amazed with their culture, it is actually pretty easy to find people who reside in the capital city of Ireland. In fact, with just few postings on message boards or social media, you’d find yourself virtually surrounded by some of your Irish friends.

How to Make Connections in Dublin if you are a Tourist

Steps on Finding People in Dublin

  • Find a Dublin message board or group through the internet. If the group needs registration, you may have to sign up for an account with the group and supply the needed information. Log in to your account and create a new message. Introduce yourself to the group by telling them something about yourself and tell them why you are looking for friends in Dublin. Get updates from the group frequently to see the people who respond to your message. If you want to talk privately, you may provide your email address or number.
  • Go to your Facebook account and search for the “Dublin, Ireland” in the search box. Look for fan pages that feature Dublin, Ireland. Click the “Like” button and post something on the wall, introducing yourself. Explain that you are looking to meet friendly people in Dublin. Read through the comments on your post and respond to friendly comments. You should wait for their replies.
  • Look for Irish pen-pal sites on the web. Research about the different services available. Be sure that the service would feature private messaging, without the need of revealing your email address. Sign up for an account as soon as you’ve finished reading the website’s terms and conditions. Login to your email for access to your username and password and then login to the website. Create a user page that would contain the necessary details that you only want to reveal to the public. Utilize the search bar to look for people in Dublin. From the list of people, exchange messages with one of them.
  • Find websites and blogs about Dublin, Ireland. Comment on the posts to let people know that you are interested in finding friends in Dublin. Provide contact details to them, preferably your email address, for them to get in touch with you.
  • When all else fails, purchase a portion on the classified ads from the local newspaper of Dublin. Create clear, concise, and brief information as to why you are interested in seeking connections in Dublin. Leave your contact details at the end part of the ad.

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