What to Avoid When Visiting Dublin

More often than not, favorite tourist destinations like Dublin, Ireland have areas or stores that give high prices to foreign individuals (a price that is different from that of the locals). It is important to note that in Dublin, prices may vary during the day and during the night. Thus, it is not enough to avoid certain areas, but it is essential that you should know when you should avoid them. Here are some tips on which establishments you should avoid and how to look for true experiences within them.

Temple Bar

The Temple Bar is the most popular neighborhood in the history of Dublin that is just around the border of River Liffey on the southern area. This neighborhood has quite a number of pubs that only few locals set foot in; this is primarily because the pints of beers are overpriced in comparison to other areas of Dublin and the pubs are usually full of tourists and are popular venues for bachelor parties.

What to Avoid When Visiting Dublin

However, the temple bar is also popular for being the cultural quarter during the day. They have Temple Bar Food Market during Saturday mornings, as well as art exhibits and film showing in a cafй.

Trinity College and the Book of Kells

One of the main attractions in Dublin is the ancient Book of Kells and the Trinity College. Their popularity among tourists entails long lines at the entrances and expensive price tags attached for reading pages of the Book of Kells in a dim room. The Book of Kells closes at 5PM every day (sometimes 4:30pm during Sundays).

If you want to save money and you want to visit the exhibit, show up there at around half an hour before closing time; you won’t have to wait in long lines and the entrance fee is also cut in half. Instead of going inside the Book of Kells and the Long Room Library in groups; you will have the place all to yourself.


When tourists heat that Dublin doesn’t have a subway, they would think that they’re stuck in using expensive taxi cabs. It is important to note that the city is small that you can manage to explore it on foot. Aside from that, there are also other forms of public transportation that will help you get around the city.

If the day is sunny, it would be better for you to rent a Dublin Bike and do some cycling around the city; not only will you help the environment, but you will also help in improving your health through cycling exercise. Moreover, you can also take the Dublin Bus, LUAS trams, DART train, or Hop On, Hop Off double decker bus which makes stops at various tourist attractions all around Dublin.

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