Where to Bring your Kids in Dublin?

More often than not, we tag our kids along when we travel to tourist destinations such as Dublin, Ireland. The Irish is one of the races that love children; which is why they have many children-friendly attractions for them to enjoy. As a matter of fact, some of city attractions have special kids programs that you might want to consider looking into to ensure that your kids are being looked after.

The Ark

The Ark is actually the first cultural center for children in Europe which has programs dedicated especially for kids. They have shows and exhibitions that integrates almost all of the arts and major media types Most events, however, are age-specific; which is why it is important for you ensure that you have checked the guidelines before booking a ticket for your kids. The Ark is located in the Temple Bar; thus you can reach the place by taking the city centre bus. Note that, the prices for the program may vary depending on the show.

Chester Beatty Library

While its exhibits are not particularly made for children, the Chester Beatty Library has several multimedia exhibits that your children will surely enjoy. They have a Silkworms Club that offer several events that are for children aged 6 to 11 years old which includes music and dance, fun and frolics, as well as arts and crafts. They feature family days that are held around the annual holidays including the Chinese New Year, Christmas, Easter, as well as Diwali. The library is located near Dublin Castle and is walking distance from the city centre. It is recommended for tourists who are on a budget since they do not require you to pay for entrance fees.

The Dublin Zoo

The Dublin Zoo is located inside Phoenix Park and is a home to over 200 various types of animals. If you have your kids with you, you don’t want to miss out the Children’s Pets or their Safari train ride. Kids who love animals will most likely enjoy the City Farm which is also a petting zoo for animals like sheep, donkeys, and goats. You can ride bus or the red LUAS tram line to reach this destination. Note that you have to pay for tickets to gain access to the zoo.


The newest children’s museum in Dublin is Imaginosity. It is being operated under the principle that exhibits should promote both creative learning and play for the children. Their features include “The Climber” which is a 2-storey climbing and crawling area; the Town Centre where young kids can assume a role as a member of a community; and the Construction Company where they play and learn about using the hardhats and hammers for construction. The Imaginosity museum can be reached by riding the Green LUAS tram line to Sandyford. The establishment offers Family Saver tickets for families having 3 adults and children that are over 3 years old.

Phoenix Park

The Phoenix Park in Dublin has a land area of more than 1,700 acres and is considered to the largest urban park in the entire European continent. When your kids want to play outdoors, then this park is one of the tourist destinations you should consider bringing them to. Aside from that, the park is also a home to some of the wild deer herds in Dublin; if you’re lucky enough, you might get to catch a glimpse of them. Plan to visit the park on a weekend so you would be able to enter the home of the Irish President, Aras an Uachtarain. Phoenix Park is accessible through bus or the read LUAS tram line.

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